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Borehole Submersible Pumps
3 Inch Borehole Pumps 75QJ1
3 Inch Borehole Pumps 75QJ2
4 Inch Borehole Pump 4SJ/4SL
4 Inch Borehole Pumps 4SJJ
4 Inch Borehole Pumps 4ST
4 Inch Borehole Pumps GS
4 Inch Borehole Pumps 4SP
6 Inch Borehole Pumps 6SP
6 Inch Borehole Pumps 64SP
6 Inch Borehole Pumps 6SR
6 Inch Cast Iron Turbine Pumps S150
6 Inch S.S. Turbine Pumps SX150
8 Inch Borehole Pumps 8SP
5 Inch Monobloc Borehole Pumps 125SC
5 Inch Monobloc Borehole Pumps QDN
4 Inch Peripherial Borehole Pumps 4SKm
Screw Borehole Pumps
Solar Operated Borehole Pumps
4 Inch Rewindable Oil-filled Motor HTY4
4 Inch Encapsulated Water-filled Motor HTP4
6 Inch Rewindable Oil-filled Motor HTY6
6 Inch Rewindable Water-Filled Motor HTS6
Plastic Starter For Single Phase Motor
Steel Starter for Encapsulated Motor
Digital Box For Tri-phase Motor
Digital Box for Single Phase Motor
Steel Control Box for Tri-phase Motor DY-T03
Steel Control Box For Tri-phase Motor DYA-T03
Borehole Submersible Pumps >> 3 Inch Borehole Pumps 75QJ1
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Data Sheets
Performance Range
Head Up to 144 m
Flow Up to 46.5 l/min
Power Up to 1.5 Hp
Operating Limits
Ambient Temperature 60℃
Liquid Temperature 40℃
Maximum Sand Contents 0.25%
Max. Start 20 times/h
Max. Immersion Depth 80 m