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Inverter Booster & Solar Pumps >> IB-CMI/CM/CMH Inverter Booster System

Performance Range:
Max. Head: 76m
Max. Flow Rate: 7.5 m3/h
Power: 0.25 to 2.2 kw

Operating Limits:
Liquid Temperature
Low temperature: -20℃ to +15℃
Standard model: +15℃  to +70℃
Ambient Temperature: up to +50℃
Max. Operating pressure: 10 bar
Max. suction pressure limited by max. operating pressure

Brief Introduction:
IB-CMI series Inverter Booster System (variable speed drive constant pressure water supply system) adopts the latest  VVVF(Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency)AC Frequency conversion speed regulation technology combined with pressure sensing technology ,through the feedback of on-time pressure value compared with the setting pressure, it can automatically adjust the motor speed, and keep the outlet pressure constant.

IB-CMI inverter system use CMI/CM/CMH series light horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pumps, the pump casing,impeller, inlet/outlet section of pumps CM/CMI (the inlet/outlet section of CMH pumps made of Cast Iron), shaft are made of stainless steel, mechanical seals, with features of  exchangeable components, stable quality, small size, light weight, corrosion resisting, high efficiency, long working life, beautiful appearance and safe use.

IB-CMI/CM/CMH booster system could be used in the fields of domestic water supply, industrial constant pressure water supply, water treatment.

Energy-efficient, Compared with the traditional way of water supply system, our inverter booster system save energy up to 30%-60%.
Compact and Reliable
Easy operation and setting: just press the key to set the required pressure easy and convenience.
Soft-start and soft-stop, no water hammer
Easy installation
All the flow channel made of stainless steel 304 or 316L, no second pollution to water.
No power protection, dry-running protection, over-loading protection and over-heat protection.

Current position: Home > Products > Inverter Booster & Solar Pumps

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