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Working conditions
Mode of Control: variable frequency control Installation Location: Indoor or under covered area against weather
Temperature: +5℃ to +40℃
Air humidity: <90% (+40℃), non-condensing
Liquid: clean water
Liquid temperature: +4℃ to 70℃
The maximum outlet pressure: 2.0 MPa (20 bar)
Minimum inlet pressure: 0.02 MPa (0.2 bar)
Pumps: Vertical Multistage Pump
Pump Composite Number of units: 2-7 units

Non-negative Pressure Speed Variable Constant Pressure Water Supply System WG series,  this system directly connected in series to the municipal water supply network or a pressure pipe-line network to boost water pressure,  and effective take use of  the  existing  pipe  network  pressure to save energy. Facing the municipal water distribution pipe network in pressure, it does not produce negative pressure. System detects pressure Value through the outlet pressure sensor. Compared with set value and detected value, increasing pressure value will be calculated based on existing pressure of municipal water supply network and the setted value to determine the number of pump units in operation and motor speed, to achieve constant water pressure output.  WG system could be apply for intelligent integration of water pump, no switch, soft start, no impact on municipal water supply network that is the new generation of energy-saving water supply equipment, it applied with increasing pressure pipeline network and regulate the flow of the water supply system.

Working Principle
Municipal pipe network water supply is steady flow into the stainless steel adjustable tank, the tank of air exhaust suppressors gradually from the vacuum until the water is full, the vacuum suppressors automatically shut down.

When the municipal water supply pipeline network meet the water pressure and flow requirements, the water from municipal water supply pipeline will flow through a near-pass pipe to water supply pipeline network;

When the municipal water supply pipeline network  water  pressure  is  not  able to  meet requirements,  the system send  the  signal to control center to start pump through  the  pressure  sensor  ( or  select  transmission pressure gauge ).  If the municipal  water  supply  pipe network   is  greater   than  the  amount   of  water  flow pump,  system  maintain  normal  water  supply; During Water peak, if the municipal water supply pipe network water is low, steady  flow  regulation  tank of  water will supply water as a supplemental source of water supply. At  this  point,  the  air  will  come   into  the  tank  by the vacuum suppressor to eliminating the negative pressure regulating  tank.  If the water level of tank is falling gradually due to lack of water supply of municipal water pipeline network, send  the signal to control center to stop the water pump. Once the water level is rising to set level, the water pump will starts automatically. When night and low flow water supply ,it will  be  supplied  by  the  main  storage  tank  and  pump water without additional pump.

Non-negative pressure design. System connecting with municipal pipeline network to water supply and pressure boosting operation without negative pressure effect on municipal pipeline network.
Closed laminated design, the pressure on the municipal pipe network booster, energy-saving remarkable.
Integrated Variable Speed Pump design, soft start, low noise, and resistance-water hammer, green.
Outlet pressure test PID control operation to keep water pressure constant and reliable.
Automatic Operation. Recovery after power failure or water level, the system re-starts automatically;
Automatic protection, with protection function of overload, overcurrent, short circuit, phase, from the pressure, voltage and water conservation; fault shielding function;
Convenient maintenance and maintenance.
All the materials contacted with liquid components are made of stainless steel material;
No need reservoirs and civil facilities, thus considerable savings investments.

For detailed specification, pls download documents form download centre.

Current position: Home > Products > Inverter Booster & Solar Pumps

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