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Inverter Booster & Solar Pumps >> AF2/AF3/AF4-DL Multi-Pump Inverter Booster System

Performance Range:
Max. Head: 250m
Max. Flow Rate: 270 m3/h
Power: 0.37 to 45 kw

Working Condition:
Model of control: frequency variable control
Installation: indoor or under covered area protected against weather
Ambient temperature: +5 to +40℃
Humidity: <90%, no condensing
Liquid: clean water
Liquid temperature: +5 to +70℃
Max. pressure of outlet: 10 bar
Minimum outlet pressure: 0.02 bar
No of pumps: 1-3 pcs

Brief Introduction
AF Automatic Constant Pressure Water Supply System special designed for second pressure boosting, which are constitute of multistage centrifugal pumps, converter, pressure sensor, storage water tank and accessories. Variable speed drive constant pressure water supply system adopts the latest VVVF (Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency) AC Frequency conversion speed regulation technology combined with pressure sensing technology, through the feedback of on-time pressure value compared with the setting pressure, it can automatically adjust the motor speed, determine which pump on/off, to keep the outlet pressure constant.
Each pump equipped with one individual inverter, inverter fixed on the pump motor integration. All the inverters within system linked together and could communicate with each other, all the pumps in one system could be exchanged automatically, low vibration, low noise, no need big control box. Intelligent decision on each pump on/off, adjust the speed of pumps, pump exchange between pumps, multi pumps running, it makes the structure of multi pumps system simply and improve the stability of whole AF system.
Three type of Pumps available: AF1-CMF, AF1-CM, AF!-CMH and AF2-DL, AF3-DL system.
For power not more than 2.2kw, equipped with PDM20 single power source inverter; for power more than 2.2kw, equipped with three phase power source model 8200B inverter.

Pressure adjustment: adjust water pressure through the inverter LCD.
Constant pressure water supply: the outlet pressure of detection of PID control operation, to maintain constant water pressure, energy-saving.
 Automatic operation: automatic monitoring of water shutdown, after power failure or water level recovery, the system starts automatically.
Speed variable, soft start, low noise, no water hammer, environment-friendly.
Automatic protection: low water pressure, over water pressure, over current, over heat of inverter
Dry running protection, system will automatic recover after water source available.
AF system protection: IP65

Commercial building: hotel, office building, department store building etc.
Domestic apartment, resident area, high-story building
Factory and workshop
Agriculture and farmer
Others for water pressure boosting

Current position: Home > Products > Inverter Booster & Solar Pumps

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