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General Purpose Surface Pumps >> WL- Commercial Lift Station

WL series lift station with external fixed pumps, including sewage tank, sewage pumps, level automatic control, valve and pipes, automatic control system, suitable for the application of sewage discharge of families, residential area, hotel, shopping center, carpark, garden:
Collection and Sewage Discharge of Toilet, Kitchen, Base room, Carpark
Increase the Security of Back Pressure Sewage Discharge, Prevention of Sewage Reflux.

Main Features:
Integrated Equipment, Plug & Run
Stable, Reliable & Powerful
Low Maintenance and Long Working Life
All Size Available: from 60 to 450 L, 0.75 to 11Kw
Waterproof and Deodorant
Different Type of Impeller for Option
Smart Control System
Quiet Running

Current position: Home > Products > General Purpose Surface Pumps

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